Orthodontic Problems

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Orthodontic problems refer to problems regarding the position of teeth in regard to the jaw. Many animals do suffer from these problems as they have the chance to vary to adjust to their diet requirements but it is not deemed problematic unless the animal has the inability to open and close the jaw properly without pain caused by misaligned teeth.


Symptoms may include the animals reluctance to eat due to pain and in cats they may refuse to groom their fur due to these oral pains. Sometime is the orthodontic misalignment is bad then bleeding may occur.


The general cause of this condition is refined to what the animals eats and what the animal does with its mouth. Dogs may suffer if they continually chew solid toys or tennis balls whereas other dogs may suffer if their diet is changed so that they has food has a different consistency so that it requires a lot more/less force from the jaw to break down with the teeth. Sometimes orthodontic problems can be caused by accidents or traumas where the animal may accidental get physically injured, an example may be a car accident.


Treatment is encouraged to occur as early on as possible so that the condition does not worsen. The main goal of the treatment is to avoid as much pain and possible for the animal so the animal can return to normality in a short as period of time as possible. Often surgery is used and it usually involves the removal of teeth to allow the jaw and other teeth to be better aligned.


Sometimes slight orthodontic variations are good as it allows the animal to be better suited to its diet and lifestyle, however it should never get to a stage where the animal cannot open or close its mouth without pain. To cut down the risk you should feed the animal food that is suited to that animals and its lifestyle. The food should also not frequently change its consistency by a lot although some variation is encouraged.

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