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AFD - Good or Bad?[edit]

AFD or Anesthesia Free Dentistry has gained a lot of popularity over recent years. This is because it often turns out cheaper than regular veterinary dentistry and it also promises a lower risk of anesthesia related injury's or accidents, whilst both these points are true it does not mean that it is any safer for your pet or its dental health as it is often unfortunately advertised to be. Many pet owners will believe that the treatment is better as it carries a lower risk and is closer to what a person would receive from a dental expert.

However what is not mentioned is that in most if not all cases, the animal is still left slowly suffering from oral related illness. This occurs as AFD dentistry can provide visually better results and refer to the treatment as "Cleaning", however this creates the general misconception to the public that a clean mouth is a healthy one when in fact it is not. This is because most of the dental issues that surround animals occur around or in the gum line which can be hard to check whilst the patient is conscious so is often not checked thoroughly if at all by AFD services.

When Anesthesia is not used the pet must be physically restrained to prevent unintentional damage to the teeth or gum lime. Whilst some pet may some across as being tolerable to this, they do not understand what is happening or why it is happening to them. This can cause physiological distress to the animal and if the animal were to panic than the risk of damage to the animal is greater than the risk of damage to the animal if it were under anesthesia.

Whilst Anesthesia is not 100% safe, an extremely minute and negligible amount of pets suffer from any complications that stem from the use of Anesthesia. It is better to take the extremely small risk than to allow your pet to suffer through painful treatment only to receive sub-par treatment that is more likely to cause more harm then help causing costing more money and maybe your pets life.